Alpine Skis

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Get Down

Alpine skiing is all about getting down.  How do you like to get down?  With long, swooping turns?  Maybe you prefer making tight, quick turns while bashing into gates….or perhaps you are into jumping off any rise you can find.  Are you a beginner or a hard-charging veteran?  These are some of the questions that help us choose the right Alpine set-up for you.


The Right Gear For The Job

Powder skis don’t carve hard-snow turns very well.  Conversely, race skis really don’t enjoy the deep stuff.  A beginner can’t get a race ski to turn.  A veteran skier can overpower a beginner ski.  Let’s not forget Park skis – they are also very specific.  But get each of them in their element and it all comes together. Whatever your preference for getting down the mountain we have the right set-up for you. We carry a full line of skis, boots (we have several new models of custom forming boots!!), bindings and poles.  Come on in and let’s talk skiing!


After The Sale

It’s not just about making the sale.  It’s about helping you get the most out of your new gear.  It’s about keeping you happy so you will continue to come back.  It’s about choosing the next pair of skis…or getting the boots to fit better.  It’s about being there if  something breaks and having the knowledge, experience, and connections to fix the problem.  It’s what a good, local shop does – keep you happy.  Because without you – there would be no us.

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