Winter Gear

Apparel and Accessories

No, we don’t carry artificial plastic butts or Viking helmets.  But we do carry nearly every other accessory you may need to help you enjoy our long winters.  From sport-specific clothing to ski/snowboard wax and high-energy snacks.  We even have accessories for accessories!  If it’s related to a category we sell – we probably have it.

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Alpine Skis

With one of the most diverse Alpine ski walls in the entire Midwest we are sure we can find the right pair for you. From bashing race gates to surfing fresh powder and anything in between. Legendary brands like Blizzard, Fischer, K2, Armada, Salomon and Volkl stand ready to give you everything you need.

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Nordic Skis

Commonly referred to as “Cross Country” – Nordic Skiing is nearly as old as snow itself. Some folks may think of it as slow, boring and sweaty. Rest assured that it is as exciting as you want to make it. You can Skate ski, Classic ski, Back Country ski, race or tour. You can use fat skis, skinny skis, waxable skis or waxless skis. It’s all about where you want to go and how you want to get there. Combine your Nordic skiing hopes and dreams with our expertise and gear from Atomic, Alpina, Fischer and Salomon and together we will arrive at your perfect winter day.

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There’s a lot more to a snowboarding than having a cool graphic on your board. Different boards are better at different things like carving, jumping, technical freestyle tricks, or even just doing a little of everything. The way a board is shaped or how it flexes determines how it performs on different terrain. Purchasing the wrong board for your style/size/ability and you could be sorely disappointed! Call or check out our inventory from K2, Ride, Yes, Jones, and Nidecker to find your next ride.

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Fat Bikes

Check out the latest craze to hit the snow (and the trail, and the sand, and the street) .  Fat Biking.  These behemoths have been rolling around for decades but have only recently reached the masses.  With their giant balloon tires they can tread on soft terrain where regular mountain bikes falter.  Oh yeah – they are also ridiculously fun to ride!

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With a complete line of snowshoes from Atlas and Crescent Moon (made in the USA) we are ready to meet your snow shoeing needs. We carry kid’s shoes right on through to the humongous 37″ heavy-haulers. We also have a full line up of women’s snowshoes (it’s about the shape – not the paint job). 

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Skihut rents waxless, recreational cross country skis with NNN bindings as well as skate skis (Fischer RCR/NNN) and snow shoes (Atlas Montane series).  We also rent kid’s xc skis (Fischer Sprint Crown/NNN) and kid’s snowshoes. Don’t forget – the cost of your rental can be applied to your purchase of the same type of new gear (one rental purchase only per season).  For example – if you rent snowshoes – you can take the cost of that rental off the price of a new pair of snowshoes. The rental and the purchase need only to be in the same season (your rental from last season doesn’t count – sorry). We do have higher performance classic and skate skis available occasionally – please ask.  Read more.