Electric Assist Bikes.

We live in a very hilly city.  Commuting to work in a very hilly city can be challenging.  Pedaling up and down these big hills is hard work.  Hard work makes for a very sweaty rider.  A very sweaty rider makes for a very uncomfortable day at work.  Alas, there is a way to make bike commuting much, much easier.  Electric assist bikes!

These are not motorcycles.

E-bikes require the rider to pedal.  They don’t have throttles and you cannot do burnouts with them.  Most E-bikes have several levels of assist.  From “eco” – which saves on battery life – to “turbo” which gets you to where you’re going much faster and easier.  But you HAVE TO pedal!

Pavement or off-road.

There are now E-bikes for everyone.  From the Electra Townie GO! cruiser, to the Specialized Turbo Levo mountain bikes.  There is an E-bike for any use.  Simply click a logo to the right to see all of the options.  Then come on down and test ride one.  We guarantee you will smile!