We are proud to announce the second annual “Stay Skinny, Get Sendy” and inaugural US National Nordic Cross Championship race. The course will be mostly downhill with obstacles to test your skiing ability, but will also feature an steep climb to put your sprinting to the test. The races will be run in heats with the top skiers moving on to compete for the chance to win.
There is no need to qualify to race. All are welcome.

There will be one women’s and one open category winner. Awards for the top finishers in each class.

Helmets (bike or ski) will be required anytime you are on the course.

There will be a bike division include in this years event. The bike division will have its own heats and winners. If time allows the winners of the ski and bike divisions may faceoff!

All profits go to the Duluth XC Ski Club and the event is held in conjunction with the DXC Tour Duluth.


8:00a-9:25a: Registration and course preview.
9:30a: Heats begin. 1 heat every 5 minutes unless course maintenance is required
11:11a: Big air competition
11:45a: Kid Cross
High Noon: Final heat in skiing (first) and biking (following)
Awards following the conclusion of the final races.


The course will be a mostly downhill and approximately 1km. The race will begin with a short double pole section to spread out the field followed by a long downhill run with jumps and drops. The obstacles will not be mandatory, but will cost significant time if the B line is chosen. After a sharp corner you will ski back up the hill for the distance the race promoters find difficult and painful enough to be fun. You will then turn back downhill with some chances to get sendy as you approach the finish line. The map pictured is approximate.

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 2.13.59 PM.png