MNR is a relatively mellow mtb ride.  Yes – we may ride some difficult terrain.  Yes – we may go fast for awhile.  But we will NOT leave you to the wolves….we’ll wait, and we’ll help.  Whether you are a complete newbie or a grizzled vet.  The MNR is a ride for you!  Riding bikes is fun!

Early season rides will be mainly on gravel roads.  Of course these roads must be decently dry before we ride them – so dates are tentative and weather dependent.  Please call ahead on Monday a.m. – 218-724-8525 – to find start location and whether or not the ride is on.  You could also visit our Facebook page for weekly updates.


The Monday Night Ride keeps on truckin’ through the winter months. For start times and locations please go to COGGS on Facebook or check their website.