Wax Clinic Time!!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!  Time to learn how to wax your skis and/or boards.  All clinics are FREEEEEE!

12/17 – Jake Boyce  will show you the ins and outs of kick wax, skin ski care, and the new liquid wax revolution.

12/18 – Dean Grace will talk you through the basics of grip and glide waxing.

1/8/20 -Dean Grace will show you what to do with your brand new skis to get them ready for the trails.

1/29 – Dean, “the Iron man of waxing”, Grace will get you citizen racers all set up with basic race waxing.

1/31 – Matt “Cowboy Petey” Lee will be covering race waxing for glide speed.  He will answer grip questions as well – so bring ’em!

2/6 – It’s a free-for-all!!  From “no-wax” ski care to Pure-fluoro top coats.  Bring your questions and Mick Dodds will try to answer them.

2/19 – Dean Grace is back!  This time he’s into specific race waxing for the upcoming Birkie and Korte races.

3/11 – STOP! Klister Time!  Spring means klister – no one knows klister like, you guessed it, Dean Grace!!