Fat Bikes

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What’s Up With the Monster Truck Tires?

Flotation – that’s what’s up.  Those humongous tires keep the bike and the rider floating across sand or along snowmobile trails with a sublime effortlessness that can only be adequately described by the huge smile on the rider’s face.

These Things are Fun

That’s just the way it is with Fat Bikes – they are just plain silly fun!  Sure – they are plenty functional too.  They can take you places where a regular mountain bike would flounder…but the real reason to ride them is – that’s right – just for the shear fun of it.

Not Just for Winter!

Fat Bikes started as a winter conveyance.  But don’t typecast them!  They are great on sand and trail as well.  Some beginner single track riders actually prefer the stable feel of those huge tires on dirt!

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