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Big Waves and Open Water

This is what kayaks were intended for.  Kayaks are the perfect tool for navigating the large expanse we call Lake Superior.  From the Apostle Islands to Isle Royale and anywhere in between.

Not Just for Explorers Anymore

You don’t have to be paddling gichigami (Ojibwe for “big water”) to appreciate a kayak.  These days you will find kayaks designed especially for fishing or simply for lazing around at the cabin.  However or wherever you plan to use your kayak – we can help you choose the right one.

You Have Some Choices to Make

If you’re thinking about buying a kayak it’s important to ask yourself not just how you want to use your boat today…but how you see yourself using it in the future. Are you looking for a kayak for the cabin but envision yourself exploring the sea caves on the Wisconsin shore? Where do you see yourself going? How do you want to use it?

Making it Yours

It’s important that you feel like your kayak is tuned to you so your paddling is as effortless and enjoyable as possible. We will help you achieve this with a proper fit. With our help you will happily be launching onto the waters of your next adventure.

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