Nordic Skis

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From the Mountains to the Prairies…

…and everywhere in between.  That’s where Nordic skiing can take you.  But with the enormity of available types of skis, boots, bindings, and poles – choosing the right stuff can be overwhelming.  That’s where we come in.  We have ALL of it!  We also use all of it – so we know the differences from experience – not just because we read about it somewhere.  From skis that are nearly downhill skis to skis used on the World Cup race circuit.  We stock every type of Nordic ski and we will help you decipher which are suitable for your style and which will meet your personal expectations.

A Ski is a Ski – Right?

Well – yeah.  But why is this ski so wide?  Why is this one so skinny?  Why does this one have fur on the bottom?  Why?  Because these things make each ski better at a different style of Nordic skiing.  Boots, bindings and poles are the same way.  Purpose-built.  Come in and tell us where and how you want to ski – that vision in your head can happen –  and together we will assemble the perfect package to make it happen.

So I Bought These Skis – Now What?

We can tell you about great places to ski – we live in a Nordic paradise!  We can also teach you about caring for your skis – how to wax them and keep them safe over the summer.  If you have any trouble with your new gear (or your old gear) – come tell us about it- we will do everything we can to make it right.  We’re here to keep you happy and on the snow!

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