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Check out the links to our great vendors or just come on down and try out a new bike. We are here to help you choose the right ride.

Choose the Right Ride

Road riding means different things to different riders.  Some folks envision the Tour De France with riders tucked and aerodynamic – moving at blazing speeds.  Some see themselves lazily rolling around a State Park campsite visiting with other campers.  Some imagine grinding out long, isolated gravel fire roads.  All of these riders are on road bikes but they each demand a very different machine.  Regardless of which of these riders you are – trust us – there is a bike for you!

Having Fun on Cruisers

For the campsite roller or Lake Walk cruiser the options are plentiful.  Look for bikes under “Town”, “Comfort”, “Hybrid” or “Multi-use”.  Trek Verve and Specialized Sirrus are just two of several bikes that this rider may be searching for.  This is easily the largest sub-category of “road bikes”.  Deciding which is the right bike depends on several factors –  a test ride is definitely the best way to sort it out.

Speed = Efficiency

For the road racer speed is the goal.  Bikes like the Specialized Tarmac or Trek Madone strive for speed while still giving the rider a more than adequate amount of comfort.  Take a step to the side for extra comfort and you may find yourself aboard a  Specialized Roubaix or Trek Domane.  These two are still very fast but their longer wheelbase makes them more predictable while their relatively taller front end takes stress away from the rider’s back.  They also ride very, very smoothly. Either of these two bikes are perfect for supported tours or “fondos”.

Hitting the Back Roads

The gravel rider is not necessarily looking for speed – though some may be.  The main difference between pure road and gravel is that a good gravel bike will have room for larger tires.  Cyclocross or gravel-specific  bikes like the Salsa Warbird or Vaya, the Specialized Crux or Diverge and the Trek Checkpoint,  Boone or Crossrip fill the bill. Some are pure race bikes while others are set up for more relaxed exploration or touring.  Some are great at both.

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