Roller Skis

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Wheels on Your Feet

Roller skiing was once  totally pigeon-holed as something only national or world class Nordic racers did.  It was strictly for hard core off-season training.  While it is still mainly a way to keep those Nordic muscles firing in the warmer months roller skiing has caught on with less serious athletes.  Most high school age racers now have a pair.  With the ever increasing interest in races like the American Birkebeiner more and more citizen racers are now picking it up.  There are now some races just for roller skiers and the North Shore Inline marathon has even added a class for roller skiing.

You mean there are more than one type?

Yes – a lot more.  You can use classic or skate style roller skis.  The difference is that the classic models have a ratcheted wheel that only rolls in one direction – giving the skier “kick”.  But there are also many different wheel and chassis choices.  There are wheels with different diameters and widths.  The chassis can be made of aluminum, carbon fiber, or even wood.  Some tires are solid, some are inflatable.  Some roller skis are fast, some are slow.  Some roller skis have brakes, some do not.  Which is for you?  That’s what we’re here to figure out.