Don’t panic.  Skihut’s got your back.

Skihut Race Wax Service fueled by:

Skihut has all of the possibilities covered.  Not with one great brand – but with four!  We have all options available for retail purchase or for race service application.  PLUS – you can use one of our highest-end demo skis!  ALL SKIS MUST BE IN THE SHOP BY WEDNESDAY THE THE 19TH AT THE ABSOLUTE LATEST!! SOONER IS MUCH, MUCH BETTER.  Here’s the skinny:

  1. Ragin’ Full-on Race Wax.  This is the “all-in” option.  No holding back.  No excuses.  Skis will be thoroughly cleaned. Base layer hydrocarbon and LF wax applied. Followed by multiple layers of the HF  waxes.  Then we get serious with race-condition specific powder application followed by hand-structuring (if needed) and, finally, a rocket-fast top coat. This level application will assure you fast skis from start to finish.  We will even prep kick zones and apply race kick wax!  $90.  $115 Classic if kick wax is applied by Skihut.
  2. Fast and Affordable Race Wax.  All wax application steps up to HF and hand structure if needed.  $50.  $60 Classic if kick wax is applied by Skihut.
  3. Basic but Fast.  All steps up to LF wax application. $25.  $35 Classic if kick wax is applied by Skihut.
  4. ECO-FRIENDLY AND FAST!  We will again offer a non-fluoro option that has some legit speed!!  $40.  $50 Classic if kick wax is applied by Skihut.


For another $35 you can use one of our highest-end race demo skis for the Birkie.  We have Salomon Carbon LAB skates, Atomic Redster S9 and Fischer SpeedMax ready now!  We also have Fischer Pro,  Race and Carbon skin skis ready for classic.  First come, first served.  This price is for the use of the skis only.  Wax application prices still apply.

We will do powder only applications for $40. Top-coat only for $30. Hand structure only for $5.  All three? $70.

Using skin skis this year (it might be a good idea) ?  We’ll make your skins glide as fast as they can and keep them from icing with a REX Hydrex application.  There is NOTHING better on skin skis for increased glide speed! – $10


If your ski base has a lot of scratches or is difficult to scrape.  You WOULD benefit GREATLY from a stone-grind!  This is a fact.  Your skis will be much faster, they will track much better, and they will be more stable.  The difference is HUUUGE!  Yes, you can grind this close to a race. If your base is all bunged-up it is not worth putting on the expensive wax job!  $30.


  You could buy some new gear.  We have a few ridiculous deals on a lot of super high-end race gear going on now!  We can easily get them ready for the big race!

Take your marks…….GO!!